Reasons to Use Felt Rug Pads Under Your Rugs

March 12, 2020

Reasons to Use Felt Rug Pads Under Your Rugs

Felt rug pads have become very popular for use under all types of area rugs on all types of hard floor surfaces. They can be thick and comfortable and they offer great protection to your rugs and floors. While you can find various types of rug pads in the market, there are very good reasons to use felt rug pads under your rugs.

Felt Rug Pads Are Safe for Your Floor
There are some felt rug pads that can be safely used on any type of floor. These felt rug pads do not contain any chemicals or adhesives that can harm your floor and are safe for all floor finishes. Unlike the plastic rug pads found in stores and some latex backed rug pads, felt rug pads will not mark, stain, discolor or stick to your hardwood or any type of floor. It is important to note that the felt rug pads mentioned here are those that are made with intense heat instead of adhesives, as these will not harm your floor. Our Superior is one of the safe rug pads you can choose for your floor.

Felt Rug Pad Prolongs the Life of Rug and Floor
Since a felt rug pad can be dense and is solid, it acts as a great barrier between your rug and floor. When an area rug is used by being walked on or having furniture on it, there can be much stress. The felt rug pad absorbs this stress and pressure to assure that your area rug stays protected. The same holds for your floor, as a dense felt rug pad absorbs the impact that can place much stress and wear on your floor. Here, the rug pad acts as a protective barrier for your rug and your floor.

Felt Rug Pads for Noise Reduction
You may have experienced the common floor noise that happens from one floor to another and this is caused by the impact of foot pressure. When you place a dense felt rug pad under a rug or carpet, it absorbs most of the impact that can cause the floor noise. Many apartments, coops and condominiums can have noise from one from to the one above, so a felt rug pad acts as an effective noise reduction padding. 

Felt Rug Pad Insulates Against Cold Floors
You may live in a cold climate where the floors are cold during the year. The cold can often be felt through the area rug, so using a felt rug pad can help minimize the cold. The felt padding acts as an excellent insulator, as it acts to warm a cold floor as it protects and adds comfort as well. For this reason, felt rug pads are considered to be excellent for noise reduction.

Felt Rug Pads Offer Extra Comfort and Safety
Felt rug pads are available from 1/8" to 3/8" thick and the thicker padding offers much comfort and safety to your floors. In terms of a hardwood or hard floor surface, a 3/8" thick felt rug pad under your area rug can make the floor more inviting as the padding adds extra cushion. This cushion also makes the floor safer for any possible falls to prevent injury from a hard floor surface.

There are different choices today for your next rug pads and considering a quality felt rug pad is a smart choice. When used under larger or heavier rugs that don't have a slipping issue, a felt rug pad can offer years of protection, comfort and safety without risk of damage to your floor or home. Shop Rug Pad Corner for felt rug pads.

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