Rug Pad for Hardwood Floor Wins Again

February 04, 2020

Rug Pad for Hardwood Floor Wins Again

Rug Pad for Hardwood Floor Wins Again
Our Ultra Premium felt and rubber rug pad was once again voted as best rug pad for hardwood floors by thousands of customers. We ask customers each year to give us their opinion on their experience with use of rug pads on their floors and for the fifth year in a row, the majority voted for Ultra Premium.

rug pad for hardwood floorsFelt and Rubber helps Hardwood Floor
There are various material combinations in rug pads that one can choose today and it seems that the felt and rubber combination is a winner. When it comes to hardwood floors, our felt and rubber fares very well with the natural rubber against the floor. Since it is all natural, the rubber does not cause any damage to any hardwood floor. In terms of the felt surface, ours is dense to prevent any impact to the hardwood floor, protecting the floor from common wear and damage.

Hardwood Floors Need to Breath
A look at the rubber underside of our Ultra Premium reveals a distinct texture within the rubber. This texture creates an airflow between the hardwood floor and the rug pad and this allows your floor to breath. When your hardwood floor can breath, it is able to maintain its characteristics as meant to be. 

Moisture and Hardwood Floors
Many rug pads cause moisture damage to hardwood floors by trapping moisture between the pad and floor. The raised texture within Ultra Premium creates an airflow that prevents any moisture buildup on your hardwood floor. When your floor is able to stay dry, it maintains its original condition and avoids potential costly repairs from moisture damage.

Gripping Strength on Hardwood Floors
The solid rubber with its exclusive texture creates maximum gripping strength against any hardwood floor. This non slip effect works to keep your rugs in place and this creates a safer floor. Ultra Premium rug pad for hardwood floors acts as an effective non slip pad as it keeps all area rugs in place on all types of floors.

It's no surprise to us that our Ultra Premium rug pad for hardwood floor wins again. We manufacture the pad for our own customers and we are very picky on what goes into the production of the pad. We refuse to cut costs by adding inferior adhesives like that within other rug pads. Instead, we pay more to utilize intense heat to keep the fibers intact and this is a great advantage in the long run. Your hardwood floor will be safely protected and will not become damaged, as with similar rug pads.

We offer our Ultra Premium felt and rubber rug pad in all shapes and sizes, as well as custom sizes. You may find this rug pad for hardwood floors at

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