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Ultra Premium Non Slip Rug Pad


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Sam, the rug pad manSam, The Rug Pad Man, Says:

Here’s why you want this rug pad– I was in the mills watching other felt/rubber pads being made and noticed that ALL of them had a clear adhesive coating applied to them! We’ll have none of that for your floors, so I instructed the mill to heat press our material instead and this is why I know Ultra Premium is the only safe enough for your floors!”

"You want a comfortable rug pad that keeps your rug in place, doesn't mark your floor, doesn't off-gas or smell!"

•  NON-SLIP: Yes-  Prevents ANY rug slipping on ANY hard floor
•  PROTECTION: Resists ALL penetration and stress to rug and floor
•  COMFORT: Enjoy a FULL 1/3″ thick comfort
•  FLOORS: Approved SAFE for Hardwood, Laminate, Tile, Vinyl, Concrete, Heated and all
•  ORGANIC: CRI Green Label; No chemicals; Does not off-gas or smell
•  R-VALUE: Thermal resistance level of 2.25 to allow heat transfer for radiant heat floors

•  ORIGIN: Made in The USA with GENUINE American felt and rubber

*While our natural rubber is tested and rated as safe for all floors, we still recommend checking your floor once a month for the first 3 months of use to confirm the safety of your floor. In the rare event that you see any difference to your floor, simply lift the pad and contact us.

Ultra Premium and Radiant Heat Floors

There are two reasons that make Ultra Premium one of the only non-slip rug pads SAFE and EFFECTIVE for heated floors:
• It has an R-Value of 2.25, meaning it allows for the transfer of heat from the floor to the room
• It does not contain sticky adhesive, glue or any additives that can stick to the floor

Certified RPC Heat Pressed™
The RPC Heat Pressed™ rug pads are those few that are manufactured without glue or adhesive – Instead, we utilize an exclusive Heat Pressing to reinforce the rubber to the felt, eliminating harmful glues and adhesives found in all others. Only rug pads by Rug Pad Corner are Certified RPC Heat Pressed™.

Look at how Ultra Premium takes care of your rugs and floors
Ultra Premium is made in a 45-ounce density to prevent any penetration to the floor. This means that you can walk and run on it, sit on it and place the heaviest of furniture on it – Ultra Premium prevents anything from pushing through. This protects your rug from premature wear, helps the fibers spring back after being crushed, and prevents wear to the back of the rug. For the floor, Ultra Premium will not allow even your heaviest furniture to push through and dent the floor – add to this the fact that it’s a layer of all-natural rubber on the floor, no additives like others, and this non-slip rug pad truly performs without damaging the floor. It is safe for hardwood, laminate, tile, heated, and ALL hard floors.

We know you (and your floors!) don’t want glue in your rug pad, period!
It is pretty safe to say that most others use glue to attach their rubber to the felt in their rug pad. We do not. Instead, we utilize an intense Heat Pressing Process that is like literally ironing the layer of rubber to the felt. Imagine how easy and fast others make theirs by simply spraying glue all over the rubber and attaching this to the felt. Now imagine how your floor and rug feel about being in contact with chemical-based glue – not good. If your floors can talk, they would only ask for ours, so that’s what we are giving them.

We dare you to find a better made non-slip rug pad!

The Surface – We take recycled felt and needle punch it into a dense composition. The felt then undergoes a process to give it the distinct texture seen in the picture. The texture works to prevent lateral movement of your rug in any direction, keeping it to the pad under any use. Since it’s a 48-ounce density, the felt resists all pressure that can penetrate through to affect the rug and floor.

The Backing – A solid layer of real rubber is heat pressed to the felt jute to create stability and longevity. Unlike others, our rubber is not glued on. Because ours is a solid rubber permanently attached to the felt, it will not break down and harm floors like rug pads with a sprayed on latex or “rubber-like” material. The rubber consists of a unique pattern that allows more rubber to grip to more floors, providing the ultimate in a non-slip rug pad. The distinct texture within the rubber also allows the floor to breathe and prevents moisture.

Green rated – Hypoallergenic, mold/mildew resistant

Rug Pad Corner and Ultra Premium are endorsed by the U.S. Green Building Council. We are proud to manufacture in the USA with clean, green, recycled American materials

Rug Pad for a Cause

Ultra Premium Rug Pads contribute to Rug Pad for a Cause, a campaign committed to donating proceeds to The American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, and St Jude Children’s Hospital. A part of every order, regardless of size, is donated towards these charitable organizations.

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