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Super Hold Non Slip Rug Pad

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Customers are often surprised
We find that when people have first time experience with Super Hold after dealing with a previous mesh rug pad that stuck to their floor, they are quite surprised – Super Hold is not sticky and is actually safe for their floor – that’s because it is 100% untreated natural rubber, not plastic coated with sticky adhesivesWe guarantee that you can use it for years and never need to “peel” it off your floor!”

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Say “Goodbye” to plastic pads and “Hello” to 100% natural rubber!

  • NON SLIP: Yes – Prevents ANY rug from slipping on most floors
  • PROTECTION: Offers moderate resistance to pressure and stress
  • COMFORT – Moderate comfort with a full 1/8″ thickness
  • FLOORS: Approved as SAFE for all hard floors except for Heated
  • ORGANIC:  CRI Green Label; No chemicals; Does not off-gas or smell
  • ORIGIN: Made in The USA with GENUINE American rubber
  • FOR USE ON: Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl, Tile, Marble, Concrete and Linoleum

Where did the green color come from?

While manufacturing Super Hold, we knew it looked like all other “mesh” looking rug pads, yet those are PVC (plastic), from China and full of chemicals. So, what could we do to let people know that ours is different with all natural rubber without chemicals? How about changing its color? That’s when we decided to add a natural Green colored vegetable dye – now Super Hold does look different than others, because it is!

Natural rubber made in the USA

Super Hold Rug Pad is made in the USA of 100% natural untreated rubber. We use actual rubber from the tree and turn it into this non-slip rug pad. Not to be confused with similar mesh looking rug pads of plastic and adhesives, Super Hold is natural and does not off-gas or stick to the floor. Unlike other mesh looking rug pads, Super Hold does not contain additives, so it is not sticky to the touch. For this reason, it will not stick to, mark or transfer to your floor.

Gripping strength

Super Hold Natural Rubber Rug Pad is a medium thick non-slip rug pad that truly keeps rugs in place. Its open grid design allows for maximum gripping power – place under rugs that tend to slide and no more movement! Super Hold is especially popular in areas where thickness is an issue such as hallways with doors opening up over the rug. It is also very popular for smaller rugs or very narrow runners.

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