Custom Rug Pads

Custom rug pad assures the perfect size rug pad for any area rug shape and size. It is important that your rug pad is cut slightly smaller than your rug to allow the edges of the rug to taper to the floor.

We offer felt and rubber, all felt and all rubber rug pads in custom cut shapes and sizes. To get a custom rug pad, simply enter your rug size during checkout on our website and once we receive your order, we will cut the rug pad according to this size. You will receive your custom rug pad so that you don't have to cut it at all. There is no extra charge for a custom cut rug pad.

How to Order Custom Rug Pad
Make your selection for your rug pads and add them to your shopping cart. When you are done, proceed to checkout. During the checkout process, you will find an order notes section and here is where you will enter your rug sizes. Once you do, you can complete the checkout and submit your order.

When you receive your rug pad, it will be ready to be used. Simply place it on the floor and center your area rug on top of it. The custom rug pad will allow the edges of your rug to taper down to the floor.