Rug Pads for Laminate & Vinyl Floors

Superior felt jute rug pad – No chemicals, glues or adhesives
Ultra Premium felt and rubber rug pad – Natural rubber, not a sprayed on latex
These rug pads are rated safe for laminate floors, best rug pads for rugs on laminate and vinyl floors

NOTE: With any floor, particularly a laminate or vinyl floor, it is important not to use a rug pad with adhesives or chemicals. Our Superior felt rug pad contains recycled felt that is put together through a very dense needle punched construction without glue. For rugs that need a non-slip rug pad, our Ultra Premium contains a layer of natural rubber, not treated with chemicals. This rubber is heat pressed to the felt, not glued like many others.

Felt and rubber rug pad for wood floors

Ultra Premium for Laminate/Vinyl
100% Natural felt & Rubber/Non Slip Rug Pad 



felt rug pad for hardwood floors

Superior for Laminate/Vinyl
100% Natural Felt/Thick Rug Pad




Superior Rug Pad for Laminate/Vinyl Floor
Superior rug pad is 100% felt jute that is safe for use on all laminate floors. Needle punched to a thick and dense rug pad to protect your rug and floor, Superior rug pad does not contain chemicals, glue or adhesives and is rated as a safe rug pad for laminate floors. Use Superior rug pad under all area rugs on any laminate floor. For larger rugs, heavier rugs or rugs with furniture on them that do not tend to slip, Superior is excellent.

Ultra Premium Rug Pad for Laminate/Vinyl Floors
Ultra Premium contains a felt jute surface and natural rubber lower surface for rugs on laminate floors. Use Ultra Premium to prevent rugs from slipping. The natural rubber side is a real layer of solid rubber, not a sprayed on latex that can break down and harm laminate floors. Due to the quality of the rubber, Ultra Premium rug pad is safe for all laminate floors. Use Ultra Premium under rugs that tend to slip on laminate floors.

Rug Pads for Laminate & Vinyl Floors

Rug Pads for laminate and vinyl floors should not contain any chemicals, glue or adhesives. These can eventually harm your floor. Our Superior Rug Pad consists of only 100% recycled felt jute fibers and is rated safe for all laminate and vinyl floors. Our Ultra Premium Rug Pad contains recycled felt jute and a layer of solid, natural rubber not a sprayed on latex or rubber like substance that can harm laminate or vinyl floors. The natural rubber protects your floor and prevents slipping.

Latest Customer Reviews:

6×9 Ultra Premium Rug Pad
Date: January 5, 2011 by Joyce from Maryland
“I am very impressed with this rug pad. I needed a non slip rug pad but didn’t want any damage to my laminate floor. The rubber side of Ultra Premium is not sticky like other rug pads and actually does not stick to the floor. It holds my rug down and I feel good to know my floor is protected!”

4×6 Ultra Premium Rug Pad
Date: December 30, 2010 by Mike from Florida
“I was warned of the rubber looking rug pads staining my new vinyl floor. I found Ultra Premium to be a natural rubber that has not marked my floor at all!”

9×12 Superior Rug Pad
Date: December 18, 2010 by Tammy from Michigan
“I don’t have a slipping issue as my rug is very large. I found Superior felt rug pad that does not contain anything but 100% felt and this rug pad is awesome! I have had it for over a year and there is nothing in it to hurt my laminate floor.”

7×10 Ultra Premium Rug Pad
Date: December 15, 2010 by Stephanie from IIinois
“When I called Rug Pad Corner and told them that someone told me a rubber rug pad would hurt my laminate floor, they politely educated me on the facts. Apparently, the “rubber-like” rug pads are not real rubber, but a coated plastic, and this is what damages the floor. I opted for the Ultra Premium with natural rubber and it was an excellent choice!”